The Urban Awning Window is a beautifully constructed window designed for any condition and will compliment any home with its architectural design. The sturdy construction of frame and sash will provide you with many years of comfort and peace of mind. It offers a high level of thermal properties when combined with double glazing or energy efficiency glass and can meet a majority of energy efficient ratings.  The Urban Awning Window will give you uninterrupted views by reducing the number of horizontal bars required and by having the flyscreen located on the inside of the window makes it a very easy window to clean.

To open and close the window a manual chainwinder is fitted for easy operation and can be locked with a key if required. For out of reach windows an automatic chain winder option can be fitted which is operated through a keypad. Once in a closed position a rubber seal reduces the amount of any hot or cold air can entering the room which makes it a very popular window for energy ratings.

The option for glass is endless with the Urban Awning Window which comes standard with 6.38mm laminated glass or can be fitted with double glazed units to gain a higher energy rating if required. For a more economical option you can also use our range of single glazed energy efficient glass that can also give high energy ratings at a reasonable cost.  


  • Range of options for glass including energy efficient glass and double glazing

  • Easy to operate lockable chainwinder as standard

  • Option for automatic chainwinder with keypad for out of reach windows

  • Internal flyscreen for easy removal/cleaning

  • Clean look from outside

  • Minimal horizontal bars

  • Tight closing sash reduces air entering/leaving from room making it a popular choice for energy efficient windows