The Urban Louvre Window is a classic style window that opens up your home to enjoy natural light, fresh air and wonderful views. Designed to take advantage of rooms that require maximum cross ventilation, the Urban Louvre Window is fully WERS-rated — it can improve indoor airflow and significantly reduce the need for artificial cooling and lighting systems. It provides a connection to the outside environment to enhance the occupant’s daily experience with the space.


  • Range of options for glass, including energyefficient glass
  • Option for keyed lock handles
  • Option for motors for outofreach windows
  • Can be fitted with flyscreens

Why choose a louvre window?

This classic design offers a timeless appearance that integrates seamlessly into any style of home. The non-traditional look instantly adds an appealing flair to any space, making it an ideal choice for style-savvy homeowners.

The unique slat-style design of louvre windows ensures that they’re not only aesthetic but functional as well. The horizontal slats can be opened easily to provide extra ventilation — perfect for homes located in warmer climates. If you’d like to keep the air, noise and elements outside, simply shut the panes to create a strong seal and provide greater privacy and protection.

The option for Motorised louvres is a sleek and elegant automated solution for those outofreach windows. Keeping up Urban’s innovative technology, the Powerlouvre™, can be controlled from either keypad or a smartphone and, when installed up high, allows hot air to escape quickly.

And perhaps best of all, aluminium louvre windows are simple to clean and maintain. The moveable slats allow you to easily clean both sides of the window from one central location, saving you time and effort while ensuring that you can enjoy clean, sparkling windows and uninterrupted views.

Tips for installing louvre windows

If you’re ready to install aluminium louvre windows in Adelaide, there are a few things to consider first.

The materials

Louvres are available in a wide variety of blade sizes and styles, making it easy to find a look that fits your space. At Urban Windows & Doors, we offer options such as energy-efficient glass and eco-friendly aluminium. 

The Urban Louvre Window can be fitted with standard 6mm toughened glass or you can also use our range of single glazed energyefficient glass that gives you a high energy rating at a reasonable cost.

Additional elements

We’re able to provide customised aluminium louvre windows, ensuring that your space will look exactly as you imagined. We can provide window treatments such as flyscreens or help you add appealing decorative elements that will instantly upgrade your space.

The space

Modern louvre windows are a beautiful addition, but before you install them, be sure that they’re right for the space. We recommend using these eye-catching windows as a focal point to make a statement in the room. Keep the design simple to let these windows shine.

Let in the light — install louvre windows today

Aluminium louvres are a beautiful way to open up the space and let in natural air and light. Our team at Urban Windows & Doors can help you find the perfect aluminium louvres. Contact us now to discover our exciting collection of aluminium windows, louvres, sliding doors and more.