The Urban Sashless Window is a innovative and contemporary style window that is very popular and will open the space in any home. The counterbalance system makes it a very easy window to operate and allows ventilation at the bottom and top of the window. Integrated with bifold or hinged doors it will to allow air to flow through without opening the door panel itself. Cool air will enter through the bottom of the window while allowing hot air to escape from the top.

With its many configurations we are sure one will suit your home and provide you comfort and looks. Fitted with a keyed lock as standard the Urban Sashless Window is a popular choice for homes on the coast as it offers uninterrupted views while still maintaining security.

The Urban Sashless Window can be fitted with standard 6mm toughened glass or can be double glazed to gain a higher energy rating if required. For a more economical option you can also use our range of single glazed energy efficient glass that can also give high energy ratings at a reasonable cost.  


  • Range of options for glass including energy efficient glass and double glazing

  • Counter balance system allows easy operation

  • Keyed lock as standard

  • Clean look from outside

  • Minimal horizontal bars

Sashless Window